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PORTER SOUND introduces...

 THE Leading Edge of Wireless Sound!

Fred’s new A20 Nexus Receiver, capable of up to 16 digital wireless channels!  All legal wireless frequencies, anywhere on earth, from 470Mhz to 1.525Ghz, are now accessible!


Interference from local TV stations, lighting, or other nearby noise sources are visible and easily taken care of with the A20-Nexus Real Time Spectrum Analyzer and its 6.2” color OLED array.

Using A20-Nexus’ proprietary NexLink Network, individual transmitter parameters are controlled remotely from Fred’s mixer bag.  Power on/off, gain, frequency, transmitter power, mute, even LEDs showing through clothing, can all be remotely adjusted!


So... this means way fewer interruptions by Fred (except, of course, for his occasional failed attempts at humor!)


Unexpected RF interference?  In less than 20 seconds, up to 16 transmitters can be automatically reassigned to clean, compatible frequencies!

These new A20-Mini Transmitters are tiny!  The small, rounded form factor makes it easy to slip into a pocket or the tiniest fold of clothing.  Once in place, there's no need for access as they're 100% remote-controlled! 


Because of A20-Nexus’ ground-breaking RF filtering, locations that were previously hostile to wireless are now wide open.  More often than not, using the new A20-Mini Transmitter at 2mW (its lowest power setting), there is less interference and sometimes greater range than previous systems running at 50 or even 100mW!

Big Bag - Small Bag


Fred's new Big Bag contains the A20-Nexus Receiver, A20-Monarch Antennas and all the cool new bells and whistles to handle any multiple transmitter shoot.


Fred's new Small Bag handles one or two person interviews or chasing a walk & talk camera.  The same Astral technology is in the Small Bag with its new A20-RX Receiver.

Using custom Ambient hardware / power, all advantages of the new A20-Mini Transmitter and NexLink Network have been added to a wireless boom!

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