Sound Devices 833 Production Mixer

RF Explorer Pro Edition Spectrum Scanner

Vantage/Wireless Workbench Software

Lectrosonics LT Wideband Transmitters (5)

Lectrosonics HMa Plug-on Transmitter

Lectrosonics SRc Digital Hybrid Dual Receivers (3)

Lectrosonics LT/SRc Camera Hop (digital)

Sennheiser G3 Transmitters- Com/Camera Hops (4)

Sennheiser G3 Receivers- Camera Hops (2)

Sennheiser G3/G2 IEM Wireless Playback (3)

Denecke TS-1 (SB2) Timecode Slate

TentacleSync Bluetooth Timecode Generators (3)

Rode NTG-3B Boom Mic

DPA 6061 Lav Mic

DPA 4061 Lav Mics (5)

Countryman B6 Lav Mics (1)

Rode Blimp Windshield System (2)

ENG Breakaway Snakes/Extensions (3 Cameras)

Custom Bag Cart w/ 9' Boom Riser

Orca Sound Bags (2)

Varizoom NP-1 Lithium-Ion Batteries (3)

Eneloop AA NiMh Rechargeables (24)

iPower 9v Li-Po Rechargeables (8)

ATH M50 Headphones (2)

K-tek Boom Poles (2)

Floor and Wall Sound Blankets/Stands

pORTER sOUND expands equipment


pORTER sOUND is always purchasing new equipment to meet our growing clientele's needs.

Way tardy on Blog Page updates- Sorry!


Oct. 2019 Added Sound Devices latest 833 Mixer, three Tentacle Bluetooth Timecode Generators, RF Explorer Pro Edition Spectrum Scanner.

March, 2017 added two more Lectrosonics LT transmitters (5 total) and an additional Lectro SRc two channel receiver (3 total). These will provide a high quality digital wireless camera hop or additional wireless lav channels.

January, 2017 added Denecke TS-1 Timecode Slate and Lectrosonics HMa Plug-on Transmitter for wireless booming.

Late additions in 2016 included Sound Devices' most powerful 688 Field Production Mixer with Integrated Recorder and MixAssist plus SL-6 Super Slot.  Also added were Lectrosonics LT Digital Hybrid Transmitters and SRc Digital Hybrid Dual Receivers

pRE-pRODUCTION = smooth production.

Your audio engineer will do his homework, check all equipment and come prepared.


Multiple frequency scans will be done first to ensure dropout-free audio transmission throughout the day and throughout the set. The 688 Mixer with SL-6 Super Slot accomplishes RF scans in a few short minutes.

Much attention will be paid to deadening the floors, walls etc. as acoustics are as important as anything in our extensive equipment list.  Audio and timecode settings on all cameras will be checked and periodically rechecked during the shoot.